Is Your Synagogue Prepared for an Emergency?

You know you need an emergency plan, but don't know where to start...

SynagogueSAFE brings it all together:

  • SynagogueSAFE assembles critical information into a simple Synagogue Emergency Response Plan.
  • SynagogueSAFE is easier to use and much more effective than a Word template.
  • You get a complete Synagogue Emergency Response Plan and mobile application.
  • You can work with an approved, local consultant through our network.

Plan Builder

  • The SynagogueSAFE Plan Builder is customized and automated.
  • You fill in simple forms.
  • When ready; review your plan and publish!

Problem Solved!

  • You get an emergency plan unique to your synagogue.
  • All the information you need is accessible.
  • Meets OSHA Emergency Action Plan (EAP) standards.
  • The Ready Kit puts critical information onto many mobile devices.

Ready Kit

Information at your fingertips:

  • Synagogue and community contacts.
  • Synagogue skills list and special needs list.
  • Facility access and security data.
  • Facility and vendor contacts.
  • Evacuation and security floor maps

Consultant Help

Need a consultant to work with you on your emergency plan?

  • Perilchute Consultant's Network is coming soon!